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Wake Surfing Gear Checklist

By: :King Montecillo 0 comments
Wake Surfing Gear Checklist

Preparing for a day of wake surfing doesn’t have to be an ordeal. It can be easy to miss something important when all you can think about is jumping in the water and having some fun. You want to have your boat prepped and packed ready for a day of sun and fun. To save your time and headaches, we have compiled a list of things you need to make sure your wake surfing experience is safe and enjoyable.



Wake Surfing Gear Checklist

Joseph Greve | Unsplash.com

When wake surfing, make sure you’re riding a board that fits your style. The most common issue beginners have with boards is realizing that it’s too small, that it’s difficult to navigate or it doesn’t fit their riding style. When you first start wake surfing, it’s probably best to try out a few different sizes or styles of boards to see what works best, try borrowing a friend’s, get a demo board, or seek guidance from professionals.



Wake Surfing Gear Checklist

Alexandre Weiss| Pexels.com

Wake surfing fins are essential to your riding experience. Wave conditions vary, as do types of surfing styles. This means different wake surf fins with different benefits and abilities will dictate your level of success. A surfer is only as good as their surfboard, and a board is only as good as its wake surf fins. Make sure your fins are set up properly and you’ve selected the ones according to your desired style.



Wake Surfing Gear Checklist

Marvin Meyer | Unsplash.com

You might think that any kind of rope will do for wake surfing, but the reality isn’t that simple. It is important to know that there are different ropes used for all kinds of water sports. For wake surfing, make sure you have one that is the right length and has the correct handle. Never wrap the rope around your hand or arms. For handles, get one that has a minimal drag and is safe to toss back to the boat.



Wake Surfing Gear Checklist

Drew Dau | Unsplash.com

As for your boat, before putting it near the water, always make sure the plugs are in and secure. It's important to check your gas level before you head out and ensure it's top up and has more than enough fuel for a fun-filled day. Be familiar with accessible gas stations and their closing times for emergencies. When you’re ready to put in on water, make sure all your gear is loaded and items in the boat don't fly away such as life vests, towels, and clothing.



Wake Surfing Gear Checklist

Kampus Production | Pexels.com

Safety first! Live vests are non-negotiable pieces of gear that add the needed element of safety and promote a more enjoyable experience. Make sure you have a vest that is comfortable and fits you well. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra vest prepared if something goes wrong with one.



Wake Surfing Gear Checklist

BATCH by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific | Unsplash.com

It would be safe to say that you’d prefer to wake surf in good weather when the sun is out. If you are spending a day on the water, it is essential that you are well protected from the sun. Being over-exposed to the sun can cause long-term damage to your skin and short-term pain from sunburns.



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