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Top Wake Surfing Boat Brands

By: :King Montecillo 0 comments
Top Wake Surfing Boat Brands

The awesome thing about wakesurfing is that the wave is all yours! You don’t have to fight with other surfers for territory; you own the wave as long as you care to ride it. This is all possible because of the boat. Towboat companies tailored their boats that crank up the waves to new heights while ensuring the safety of riders.

Wakesurf boats are no ordinary boats. They are set up differently than other boats to provide the wave the rider needs. If you’re hunting for the best wakesurfing boats, we’ve listed our top pick of brands.

1. Mastercraft 

MasterCraft wakesurfing boats are known for their innovative designs, strength, security, and ease of use expected in today’s watersport-rich environments. They equip the newer models with the Gen 2 Surf System that allows for more control, speed, ballast, and shaping device angles from a single control to create customized surf waves that go well with surf style wake fins. This makes for easier adjustments for the wave depending on rider level, preferences, board type, and boat side (left or right). 

We suggest the 2020 NXT20 and NXT22 models that are feature-rich with a host of comfort and convenience. 

2021 Mastercraft NXT22 | Photo Credits | Semperspeedandmarine.com

2. Nautique

Nautique is known for its craftsmanship of high-quality electric boats that are great for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. It has one of the most consistent waves and is best in terms of build quality. 

The Super Air Nautique G23, considered one of the best wake surfing boats, produces a surf wave with greater length, height, and push, outperforming anything else on the market. This is perfect for your surf-style board with large wake surfing fins.

2022 SUPER AIR NAUTIQUE G23| Photo Credits | Nautique.com

3. Malibu

The best Malibu wake surfing boats employ their Integrated Surf Platform technology allowing it to create tall waves with a clean face that extends far back behind the boat. This gives the wave surfer a lot of room to play and shred, especially if they have their own surf style wake fins

Their new 2020 Wakesetter 23 MXZ takes “high performance” to a whole new level. The two major things that stand out in this model are the Stern Turn, which solves the slow-speed maneuverability issues most boats face, and the Command Center, where a vertically oriented touch screen is intuitively placed, making for easy access while operating the boat.

Malibu Wakesetter 21 MLX | Photo Credits | Boats.com

4. Centurion

Stability is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a boat to buy. Centurion has prided itself for creating the most stable crafts for wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Their vessels have hulls designed to eliminate the shock of rough water. These boats also have the best-placed ballasts that allow for easy adjusting of wakes mid-session and flexibility to dial in the waves however you want, giving you a smoother ride even without quality large wake surfing fins.  

We can recommend the Ri237 that has an optimized ­running surface to accommodate the highest level of watersports enthusiasts. The modified V-hull smooths the ride to maximize performance on choppy days.

2019 RI237| Photo Credits | Centurionboats.com




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