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Top Lakes to Wakesurf in the USA

By: :King Montecillo 0 comments
Top Lakes to Wakesurf in the USA

Did you know that the US is home to a handful of awesome wake surfing sites? With its numerous states across different longitudes, you will never run out of freshwater lakes to wakesurf in the USA all year round.

1. Lake Austin, Texas

Lake Austin is no longer just a popular fishing and boating destination, it’s now one of the top lakes to wakesurf in the US. Formerly called Lake McDonald, its main source of inflow is from the Colorado River. However, Lake Austin is a favorite hangout place for locals because of its calm waters - just perfect for taking your wake fins out for a spin.

Where to go: Quest ATX Wakeboard Park, Austin’s first and only cable wakeboard park. They accept individual wake surfing lessons any time of the day. Group lessons are available every Saturday morning. Private lessons are available by booking.

Quest ATX Wakeboard Park | Photo Credits | Questatx.com

2. Lake Shasta, California

One of Northern California’s open secrets is Lake Shasta’s wake surfing culture. This freshwater lake has many inlets and coves to explore with your wake surfing fins. The Shasta Dam is one of the tallest in the United States. Shasta Lake has many marinas, resorts, and water recreation facilities because of its hot-summer Mediterranean climate.

Where to go: Shasta Wakeboard School that’s under the management of pro wakeboarder Jaret Brantley. They offer wake surfing lessons among other watersports. Operating hours are by appointment only so prior reservation is a must.

Shasta Wakeboard School | Photo Credits | Wakescout.com

3. Lake Powell, Utah

Cradled right in between Utah and Arizona is a man-made lake in the heart of the Colorado River. Lake Powell is the second-largest reservoir in the US so it’s no surprise that wakesurfers have been taking their wake surfing fins out here. Take your pick among Bullfrog Bay, Gunsight Bay, or Padre Bay as your jump-off point when you explore the pristine waters of Lake Powell.

Where to go: GoPlay Lake Powell by TK Watersports offers wake surfing lessons and coaching sessions with full-service boat charters. The Utah Wake Surf Camp by Drew Danielo is also offered during the summer.

Surf an Endless Wave | Photo Credits | Goplaylakepowell.com

4. Table Rock Lake, Missouri

Nestled in the heart of Ozark Mountains, Table Rock Lake is a well-known watersports destination in Missouri and Arkansas. It’s steadily gaining popularity as one of the top lakes for wakesurfing in the US thanks to the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboarding Competition. The lake temperature varies according to season. The best time to take your wake fins to Table Rock is in spring and summer.

Where to go: The Wake Camp on Table Rock Lake offers personal coaching, half/full-day excursions, to overnight camps for beginner and intermediate wakesurfers.

Experience the Wake | Photo Credits | Thewakecamp.com

5. Lake Gaston, North Carolina

Lake Gaston may not be a federal reserve since it’s privately owned by an electric company in Virginia. Because it’s a hydroelectric reservoir, this lake has a constant water level. The coves and creeks tend to be quieter and less windy, making it a perfect spot for wake surfing. Lake Gaston has several boating and water recreation facilities along its marina. However, Lake Gaston public areas might be seasonally closed during winter.

Where to go: WakeSurf NC is open from April 1 to Nov 1 and offers wake surfing lessons daily. Their tagline “we train champions” is kept alive by their instructor Jay Baker, the 2018 World WakeSurfing Champion.

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