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Top 5 Wakesurfing Schools in the US

By: :King Montecillo 0 comments
Top 5 Wakesurfing Schools in the US

Wakesurfing is an exciting water sport in which one rides the waves trailed behind by a boat, using a board with specialized wake surf fins to help steer through the waves’ peaks. While it can be seen by many as a combination of two water sports—wakeboarding and surfing—wakesurfing is an entirely unique sport on its own, and one that requires skill and the right training.

Whether you want to learn the sport as a hobby, or are planning on being a professional, the first step would be to find the right school for you. So get ready with your board, and choose your wake fin carefully, as we look at five of the top wakesurfing schools in the US.

1. WakeSurf NC - Littleton, North Carolina

Considered by many as one of the most accommodating surfing and water sports schools in the country, WakeSurf NC promises a safe and fun experience for the whole family on the beautiful Lake Gaston. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced water sports enthusiast, the school’s experts will coach and guide you along the way until you are ready to toss the rope and ride the wave unassisted.

Photo Credits | WakeSurfNC.com

2. Lavelle Training School - Miami, Florida

Situated in the lovely city of Miami, Florida, the Lavelle Training School offers lessons and training in wakesurfing and other water sports. Owned and operated by 6-time World Wakeboarding Champion Dean “Mr. Everything '' Lavelle, the school features professionally-trained coaches, top-of-the-line Nautique boats, and a large lake perfect for wakesurfing. There is also a pro-shop located onsite, so students can easily shop for boards, wake surf fins, and other equipment.

Photo Credits | Itswake.com

3. Freedom Wake Park - Orlando, Florida

Also in the state of Florida, Freedom Wake Park is owned and operated by Cobe and Tarah Mikacich—both highly successful professionals in wakeboarding. The two have won multiple Coach of the Year awards due to their unwavering passion for coaching and helping out other water enthusiasts. Students at Freedom Wake Park can expect only the best standards in training, and the use of top-of-the-line equipment for the ultimate wakesurfing experience that only the top wakesurfing schools in the US can offer.

Photo Credits | Freedomwakepark.com

4. The Wakesports Farm - Sacramento, California

With a large lake developed to provide the perfect wake, and a premium selection of boats and boards, The Watersports Farm is dedicated to providing the most excellent conditions possible for wakesurfing (as well as other water sports). Professional wakesurfers Hunter Clement and Taylor Dorey teach and coach first-timers and experienced water enthusiasts alike—focusing on safe training techniques and steady trick progression tailored to the student’s ability.

Photo Credits | Thewatersportsfarm.com

5. WakeSurf Arizona - Phoenix, Arizona

With its huge lake situated at the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, you will find yourself braving the waves in the desert. The school is owned and operated by Mike and Angie Viland—a power couple in the wakesurfing community. Along with a team of professional instructors, WakeSurf Arizona proves to even those very new to the world of water sports that taking out your wake fins for a spin is highly addictive!

Photo Credits | Wakesurfaz.com



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