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Top 5 Cable Parks in the USA

By: :King Montecillo 0 comments
Top 5 Cable Parks in the USA

Cable parks are great facilities for water sports, especially wakeboarding. Not only can you enjoy the water sport, but you can also partake in the many amenities and facilities these parks normally provide. So if you don’t want to miss the fun and opportunity that comes with cable park riding, here’s a list of the top 5 cable parks you can visit in the United States. 

Orlando Watersports Complex

Orlando Watersports Complex in Florida delivers customers with an active, watersports lifestyle that is not only safe but also healthy, family-friendly, and environmentally conscious. Aside from the wake sports, there are also tons of things to do here, with an Aqua Park, beach area, and summer camps for the kids. The park also has two full-size cables and plenty of unique features to ensure there is plenty to do for those wanting variety during their visits. 

Photo Credits | Wakescout.com


BSR Cable Park

In Waco Texas, BSR Cable Park is perfect for those wanting to have fun or relax at their surf view hotel rooms and lake view Cabins. The park also boasts a six-tower clockwise cable system and quality service. They also offer equipment rentals, boat lake, summer camps, lessons, bar & grill, and more. BSR is definitely the place you want to go if you want to wake surf with your skim-style wake fins.

Photo Credits | Wakotribe.com


Elevated Wake Park

If you’re in Lexington, North Carolina, and you looking to go wakeboarding, this is the place for you! This wake park has a System 2.0 cable setup for beginners, especially helpful for lessons and camps, and a Seismic Full-Size Cable system, for the pros. This park is well equipped for any person, any day. Being the only full-size cable park in North Carolina, it is a favorite for the locals and travelers who are there just to experience the pro setup.

Photo Credits | Bizjournals.com


Wake Island Waterpark

Located in Pleasant Grove, California, Wake Island is a great place to get your wake fix. Beginners will enjoy the 2.0 system. It is also the only water park in California with a full-size cable system that’s perfect for experienced wakeboarders. Riders can bring their boards or rent one with short wake fins or skim-style wake fins. There are also plenty of extra amenities such as an aqua park (which they claim is the largest in the USA) and a zipline that’s often enjoyed by visitors.

Photo Credits | Activenorcal.com


West Rock Wake Park

In Rockford, Illinois, this wake park is built with consideration of the environment and impact during the installation of the features and the cable itself. The park has a 2.0 system for beginners and UNIT Park tech features for those more advanced riders with better equipment such as short wake fins and other surfing gears. To keep things fresh for visitors, they brought a local feature building company called Rockford to construct additional features that the community of riders who frequent the place could enjoy. 

Photo Credits | Gorockford.com




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