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Surf Style Wake Fins and the Tricks You Can Do

By: :King Montecillo 0 comments
Surf Style Wake Fins and the Tricks You Can Do

There are many details that affect a wake surfboard’s performance and ride. Believe it or not, fins are one of the most important. If you’re more of a surf-style rider, you need to make sure that your wake surfboard fins are larger and can maintain control and stability throughout the ride.

Surf-style boards are also more buoyant. This gives more glide and keeps the edges of the board higher. In order to prevent minimal edge control, longer wake surfing fins are used to maintain edge-to-edge performance, making the board move more fluidly and less abruptly. This type of style is perfect for beginners getting into wake surfing as it’s easier to stay on the wake. 

If you’re not contented with just tailing the boat, you’d probably want to do some tricks. Here are some wake surfing tricks you can eventually master as a surf-style rider. 


This one is done when one is riding on top of the wake as if “floating”. This trick is the one you’d try first because it helps beginners get a better understanding of how to get to the top of the wave and what it feels like to ride there.


Photo Credits | Alliancewake.com


This is one of the first tricks most wake surfers would try before learning more advanced tricks. Essentially, you go back-and-forth in a zigzag motion as you’re riding up and down the wave. You can go for simple and subtle movements or do more pronounced ones as you gain confidence.


Photo Credits | Wake-authority.com


A snap is a radical change of trajectory in the pocket or the top of the wave. This sudden turn that is banked off of the wake creates spectacular, flashy buckets of spray above the rider. Obviously, doing it looks cool, but practicing the snap can also help you develop better edge control over your board, as well as help with generating momentum and swing with the upper body. Just make sure you have a good wake surfing fin that would help you maneuver well.


Photo Credits | Correctcraft.com


As you get more comfortable on your board, you are now ready for an Ollie, jumping your board off the surface of the water to get a bit of air. It’s recommended that you practice this trick with a rope and away from the wave until you get the hang of it. Once you’re able to get your board out of the water and successfully land, you can work your way to doing Ollies without the rope and at the top of the wave.

Photo Credits | Alliancewake.com


This trick is done by turning the board up and down the wave to generate speed. While continuing this movement, you attain speed from pushing the inside rail into the wave while also driving the board down. Keep in mind to bend your knees as you let the board climb back up the wave to minimize speed loss. The right choice of wake surfboard fins can give you extra stability with your pumps. Do try experimenting on how much power you can get from a single pump.

Photo Credits | Wakethreesixty.com




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