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5 Biggest Wake Surfing Competitions in the USA

By: :King Montecillo 0 comments
5 Biggest Wake Surfing Competitions in the USA

Every year, riders from all corners of the United States try their luck in these wake surfing championships. The winner takes all because rankings in the 5 biggest wake surfing competitions in the US are considered one of the best in the wake surfing scene. 

1. World Wake Association 

Developed by riders for riders, the World Wake Association (WWA) stands as a global network of passionate wake surfers dedicated to their sport. As an organization, they own and operate the WWA series of events: the WWA Wakeboard World Series, WWA Wake Park World Series, and the WWA Wakeboard National Championships. 

Often patterning with premier boat company Nautique, the WWA series events are career-defining platforms for athletes who want to take their wake surfing boards to the pinnacle and be crowned in Pro Men, Pro Women, and Jr. Pro Men. In 2021, they added a new category, the Jr. Women.

Photo Credits | Instagram.com

2. World Wake Surf Championships

Turning 25 years in 2021, the World Wake Surf Championship is spearheaded by the Competitive Wake Surf Association (CWSA) in Texas and their official brand partner Centurion Boats. Riders from all over the globe vie for a CWSA ranking so they can compete in the World Wake Surfing Championship, the wake surfing’s equivalent to the Olympic Games. 

The CWSA has a total of 17 divisions that are subdivided into two: Skim and Surf. They are further broken up into Pro, Outlaw, Amateur, and Juniors. In a nutshell, CWSA events are categorized in five levels: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. While the first three are open to all riders, platinum has a minimum qualification, and the diamond level is by invitation only. 

Photo Credits | Thecwsa.org

3. Texas Wake Series 

The jump-off point for most riders who want to make waves in this sport is the Texas Wake Series. The rankings include Beginner, Intermediate, Masters, Longboard, Outlaw, Jr Novice, Advanced, and Expert. It’s also further categorized in Men & Women’s divisions. The Texas Wake Series include other exciting series in the state like Wake The Canyon and Wake The Desert. 

Photo Credits | Dfwsurf.com

4. Wake Park World Series 

Another tournament under WWA’s belt is the Wake Park World Series (WPWS). The US National championships is one of the 5 biggest wake surfing competitions in the USA, and is a stepping board for athletes to compete in the WWA Wake Park World Championship Series. Divisions include Amateur, Pro, Novice, Intermediate, Junior, Jr. Pro, Advanced, Kids, Masters, and Veterans. 

Photo Credits | Thewwa.com

5. Malibu Rider Experience Series

Malibu Boats makes a splash with the WWA in creating the Malibu Rider Experience series for all of those aspiring to take their wake surf fins to competitions. This series has cultivated a growing number of community riders who want to advance into their first ever Amateur title. While the Malibu series aims to be inclusive, the event also caters to the WWA Regional Championships and Pro Card qualifiers for the WWA Wakeboard National Championships.

Photo Credits | Thewwa.com


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