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GO WAKE Deluxe Set – Includes 7 sets of wake surf fins – with travel bag – Island Style


Set 1 – Small Dimpster - 1 ⅝ high with a 3 ½ inch base. Great for tight turns, slides, minimal hold, speed and perfect for carving with your edges.

Set 2 – Large Dimpster - 2 inch high with a 4 inch base. More hold and stability. Suitable for slightly larger riders.

Set 3 – Switchblade 1 ½ high with a 3 ½ inch base. Some traction, good for surface tricks & 360’s and very slidey.

Set 4 – Switchblade 1 ½ high with a 5 ¼ inch base. A bit more hold and ideal for carving.

Set 5 – Switchblade 2 high with a 5 ½ inch base. Great for carving, lots of speed and it long base gives plenty of hold.

Set 6 – Flyer 3 ⅝ high with a 3 ½ inch base. Great for hard carves, strong hold and maximum speed and drive for air tricks.

Set 7 – Rip Spit 3 ⅓ inch high with a 3.7 inch base. Great for hard carves, strong hold and maximum speed and drive for air tricks.

This set has everything you will need to have the most fun behind the boat. 2 sets of long surf style fins, 2 different height Dimpsters and 3 sets of switchblade skim style fins. There is a fin set in the combo pack that right for your style of riding for the day.

- With Dimple Technology, like on golf balls, these dimpled fins reduce drag by up to 15%. Less drag on your wake surf fins will give you more speed, control and stability in you turns. This will keep you to stay in the wake’s sweet spot longer, extending your rides.

- Our sick designs will make your board stand out. Make sure your board looks as good as it performs, you can have the best of both worlds.

- Super strong and incredibly durable. After you try our high performance fins, you will never look back.

- Eco friendly sustainable packaging is 100% recyclable and is manufactured with low production waste.

Golf balls are designed with dimples for a few key reasons, a dimpled surfaces reduce drag and increase lift. That’s why dimples are ideal for all types wake surfing fins. Our fins reduce drag, increase drive and stability in turns while helping you keep your speed up. Maintaining your speed in turns, keeps you in the wake’s sweet spot longer, lengthening your rides and increasing your fun. From the first time you screw these fins into the bottom of your board, you’ll definitely feel the difference. Maximize your fun on any size wake and don’t let your fins hold you back.

Package includes:

  • 2 x Small Dimpster fins - 1⅝”
  • 2 x Large Dimpster fins – 2”
  • 2 x Short Switchblade 1 ½”
  • 2 x Long Switchblade 1 ½”
  • 2 x Tall Switchblade 2”
  • 2 x  Flyer fins
  • 2 x Rip Spit fins
  • 1 x Fin travel bag
  • 3DFINS key & screws
  • 1 x 3DFINS sticker


Set 1:

  • Height- 1⅝” (41 mm)
  • Base – 3½” (89 mm) 

Set 2:

  • Height – 2” (51 mm)
  • Base - 4" (102 mm)

Set 3:

  • Height- 1½” (41 mm)
  • Base – 3½” (89 mm)

Set 4:

  • Height – 1½” (51 mm)
  • Base - 5¼" (133 mm)

Set 5:

  • Height – 2” (51 mm)
  • Base - 5½" (140 mm)

Set 6:

  • Height- 3 ⅝” (92 mm)
  • Base – 3 ½” (89 mm)

Set 7:

  • Height - 3½" (89 mm)
  • Base - 3.7" (94 mm)
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